Jesus Creed

Paraclete Press and Mercer Island Covenant Church combined to orchestrate a wonderful day for Kris and me in launching Embracing Grace. It rained like an English winter, but we had about 40 people. A nice light lunch, plenty of good coffee, and lots of chat. I’m one who is constantly amazed by the work pastors have to do and what they seem to accomplish with all the demands on their time, so to see so many there means a lot.
There were many highlights: Carolyn Hansen is to be given bright kudos for her organization of it all, Greg Asimakoupolos the pastor gave a hilarious introduction with a marvelous poem to boot, and a fellow writer, Karen Spears Zacharias (Hero Mama) and her brother Frank came as well. We were greatly honored by all this.
I made a short presentation and then the Q & A began — about 30 minutes of great questions and dialogue. I got to plug the great things going on at North Park and our Dept.
When we knew we were going to have another book launch this year, we asked the publisher if we could have it in Seattle — for two reasons: we made some wonderful relationships last year when there and because we just wanted to see the city again.
We are already looking for excuses to go back — but we can wait until the rainy season ends. We did see the Cascades — and they had snow on them. So now we are persuaded that Seattle does have mountains.

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