Jesus Creed

Our Sunday morning service at Mercer Island Covenant Church was eventful. It was All Saints’ Day and Pastor Greg Asimakoupolos wrote a wonderful Litany about All Saints in preparation for the eucharist. And the highlight for both Kris and me was the slide show of the saints from that church who had passed this year. There were plenty of oohs and ahs when some saw their friends on the screen. We have never seen this happen, so let me suggest it as a good thing to consider: on All Saints day instead of just mentioning names, consider a slide show with background music (the music was fantastic — some “Thank You” song) and let the folks recollect themselves in thanks for the saints who have gone before. It was moving for us.
To have the “I believe in the communion of the saints” creedally confessed before… wonderful. And we didn’t know one of them!
I got to speak for a few minutes to a SS class that is going through Jesus Creed, and then spoke in the services, and met some old friends and met the parents of one my current students. Dan Reid from IVP was there, too.

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