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On a previous post I gave an outline of why I think the pacifist case deserves more hearing; it was hard to read, as some of you commented, because it was an outline and a series of questions. Someday I’ll …Read More

Christ Plays 2 (pp. 49-84) This mega-blog with pastors and friends, and anyone else who wants to speak up, is about E. Peterson’s new book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, and we are doing about 30 pages a week. …Read More

Christmas meant that Joseph learned that sometimes God surprises (1:20-21) I doubt that many think of Joseph when, this Christmas, they give to their loved ones a “good surprise” at Christmas. We’ve all had our share of presents that were …Read More

If you are going to spend some money on a Christmas present, I reason to myself, you might as well spend it on something that will last. So, I suggest a fountain pen if you are so inclined:

Christmas meant that Joseph practiced a rare combination: both righteousness and mercifulness (1:19) The text says Joseph was “righteous.” Now this translates a Greek term (dikaios) which translates a Hebrew term (tsadiq) – and all these terms point to one …Read More

This series is my own preparation for Advent, and it will look at the First Christmas and how various characters encountered the First Christmas. “What was Christmas like for….?” is the question we are asking. We will look at Zechariah …Read More

I thought I’d offer some book suggestions at the beginning of December for those of you who are wondering about books to buy someone (or yourself) for Christmas. Again, buy something for yourself for I have often bought myself a …Read More

I’ve been asked to be interviewed by Lee Strobel for a Zondervan response to the upcoming movie, The DaVinci Code (I really don’t know the name of the movie). Many of you know I’m not a fan of novels and …Read More

Please go to and flag it again. The porn group got it again. Thanks.

Good reminder from Bob Robinson, whose site is always worth reading. The struggle in the South is far from over. 1. John Frye’s series on Jesus as an Emerging Pastor. Good stuff to think about. 2. Jeff intersects theology and …Read More