If you are going to spend some money on a Christmas present, I reason to myself, you might as well spend it on something that will last. So, I suggest a fountain pen if you are so inclined:
1. Waterman Charleston: a nice solid barrel with a good nib. This is my travel pen. Good entry pen.
2. Pelikan 400 Fountain pen: Pelikan may well make the nicest fountain pens; flexible nib. They sell this same style of pen in different sizes (600, 800, 1000).

3. Mark Twain replica fountain pen: it is a bit clumsy, and it is a bit large, but this pen makes me feel like a 19th Century writer when I use it.
4. Conway Stewart: I have the “heather” pen with a lever fill; it is delightful and light.
5. Vincent Van Gogh: this is large but elegant pen with a full stroke nib.
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