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Rick Brannon, a bibliophile, has blogged the first brief review of Jesus and His Death. I posted it at my Jesus and His Death blog, and point you there.

There is a reason, perhaps less in importance but perhaps just as insidious, why Christian communities of faith need to stop in their tracks and post a new life-sign about the end of racism in the Church. That reason is …Read More

I have been asked to comment on the book with my name on it called The Story of the Christ. The book was commissioned in England with T&T Clark/Continuum, and recently picked up by Baker Books in the USA. Hence, …Read More

I thought I’d post today on the need for repentance and forgiveness, but instead I want to posit another way of looking at our problem — and it is a problem for whole Church. My contention is that the gospel …Read More

Fighting racism isn’t a tack-on to what happens “after I believe,” but an issue wrapped up in the gospel grace of God we embrace when we embrace Jesus Christ and his kingdom vision. How often do we make distinctions between …Read More

Let us define racism as an ideology of superiority in which a person, due to a biological or physiological or cultural condition, which are tagged as inherent to the person, is systemically considered inferior, leading both to ideas and policies …Read More

If you embrace a kingdom vision of the gospel itself, racism is nothing short of disgusting. If you embrace a judicial perception of sin, the Cross, and the gospel, racism is more tolerable. I’m sorry to put in such bold …Read More

This is our last post on Franke’s book, The Character of Theology. Here’s my overall assessment: The book exposes themes that penetrate deeply into the fabric of doing theology and deserves to be read, especially by students who have teachers …Read More

I want to finish tomorrow with a final post on Franke’s book, and then turn to a couple of posts on racism and the Church, and then go back to the issue Franke’s book raises: theology and the emerging movement, …Read More

1. Anthony Smith‘s essay on racism and practicing Pentecost. There is much to be said here, but Anthony has got it going. 2. Jim Smith’s genuine rumination on the struggles of preaching. 3. Brad Bergfalk’s suggestions on starting up a …Read More