I have been asked to comment on the book with my name on it called The Story of the Christ.
The book was commissioned in England with T&T Clark/Continuum, and recently picked up by Baker Books in the USA. Hence, there are two publication dates. It is a short “introduction” to the life of Jesus, where about half the book is my “introduction” and the rest a continuous narrative of the Gospel texts.

Here’s the tack I took: What would a 1st Century reporter have said about Jesus had that person encountered Jesus in (the) Galilee? So, it is a neutral introduction to the way Jesus strikes us if we really don’t know much about him — which struck me as both impossible (since I do know him) and challenging (since knowing him means we have angles on what he was like). In that introduction are some introductory issues — like how did we get the Gospels, etc..
It was fun to write, and maybe will be of use to you.

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