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June 2005 Archives

Kris and I stopped at this small deli on the Adriatic for a light lunch and a gelato. We’ve been married now for over 31 years and I love her.

Here I am reading Stan Grenz, The Social God and the Relational Self, in the garden at our villa. To the pictures left were hills and hills of olive trees. Every evening we sat out here, had our cup of …Read More

St Francis made a guest appearance for Kris and me, and he was willing to permit his picture to be taken. Whenever anyone tossed some euros in his little bucket, he bent over, and rang his little bell. He drew …Read More

I’m trying to download (or upload, don’t know the name) a picture from Rome. Directly behind my head is the Palatine hill. Below me is just off the Forum.

Al Mohler, President at Southern Seminary in Louisville, has now undertaken to write a series on the emergent movement. The piece shows awareness only of DA Carson’s book, about which I posted a number of things a while back, beginning …Read More

In 1907, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, said, “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.” There you have a quintessentially view of a Pharisee, someone who both believes in the Torah and …Read More

Today I got in the mail the UK edition, published by Continuum, of The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others. I’ve not seen it yet on the UK Amazon site, but a spankin’ new copy was sent to me today. …Read More

In a previous post on Lesslie Newbigin, I reflected on his now out of print book, Foolishness to the Greeks. In this blog I’d like to put together the powerful influences that converge in his updating of Foolishness in his …Read More

Not that I think we need to use “Pharisee” for anyone. But, if some insist on finding contemporary counterparts to the 1st Century Pharisees, here are more suggestions: First, use it only for those who are committed to the Torah …Read More

Check out the review by Elissa Elliott of Sean Wilsey’s, Oh the Glory of it All, in Books & Culture.