Jennifer Cares

As we all enjoy a “free” day from work and school to spend time with our families and friends, let’s take a moment to remember and be grateful for the sacrifice that brought us to where we are now.

Memorial Day was orignially called Decoration Day, and was created in 1865 to honor the men and women who died during the Civil War by decorating their graves. The purpose of the day has since been expanded to include all Americans who died serving our country. 

I have had the honor of meeting and interviewing many service men and women as they leave for active duty.  I’ve shared in the joy of happy returns home.  I’ve witnessed the pain that moves through a family when one receives the devastating news that their loved one will not be coming back.

Although the faces change, the words and the sentiments stay the same about one specific concept:  the pride felt about the mission, and the drive to serve and protect from the members of our military.

Many times, but especially on days like Memorial Day, as I check on each of my five children before I go to bed, I pause to think of those who died defending our country.  They didn’t know me or my kids, but they cared enough of our freedom to protect us…all of us.

Tens of thousands who make up our armed forces feel that way. I think there’s huge hope in that! 

My father-in-law was a veteran of the Korean War. I know from our many conversations how much that time impacted his life.  As he moved through his end of life journey, he remembered the look on his mother’s face as he left home with his father, who drove him to the train station to leave for basic training.  

He went because he cared.  When someone cares there is hope.

Remember…love…care…hope this Memorial Day.


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