Jennifer Cares
August 2009 Archives

When you were little, you didn’t worry about creating an exercise program to stay fit! When you weren’t in school, you woke up with the sunshine, ate breakfast, and then ran outside to play. You were doing what came naturally. […]

We are busier than ever taking care of our responsibilities. All too often we let our own needs take a back seat. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we increase our risk of heart disease, depression, certain cancers, and […]

When you care for someone who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, caregiving and grieving happen at the same time. A study out of the University of Indianapolis shows that grieving starts during caregiving for caregivers of dementia patients […]

Women in their 40’s – 60’s are the most inactive groups of adults in the United States! Recent research shows that only about nine percent of women in this age group get at least three 20-to-30-minute sessions of moderate exercise […]

I’m thrilled to announce the national release of my new book for caregivers. It’s called Caring Questions and from my own experiences, I know using it will help you strengthen your relationships. I’ve tapped into my background as a news […]