Jennifer Cares

We are busier than ever taking care of our responsibilities. All too often we let our own needs take a back seat.
When we don’t take care of ourselves, we increase our risk of heart disease, depression, certain cancers, and many other serious illnesses.
I can show you how you can sleep better, eat better, get more exercise, and be calmer and more balanced with easy-to-use, affordable ten minute strategies.
Schedule a Take Care Tips Talk for your group!

Don’t stop caring! Care smarter. Care stronger.
• Get a Caregiver Health Basics Checklist
• Learn how you take charge and reduce serious health risks
• Experience how just a few little minutes can bring about big positive changes in your overall wellbeing
• Be inspired by Jennifer’s personal caregiving stories. Know that you are not alone.

We are scheduling Take Care Tips talks now, and our calendar is filling up fast for the rest of this year. We’d love to come and visit you, too.
Our Take Care Tips talks have been well received as part of corporate wellness days, spa retreats, moms group meetings, caregiver organization seminars, community workshops, nurses group sessions, personal care homes events, and more.
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