Jennifer Cares

I’d like you to meet someone: My new nephew, Owen Michael!
He came into the world yesterday morning. My sister is now mom to two boys. It’s really been something to see her go from my little sister to mom.
Although the traditional definition of caregiver refers to someone who provides support for a sick or elderly relative; moms of healthy babies are caregivers too.
Just like traditional caregivers, moms—especially new moms have to learn how to provide exactly the right kind of care that their loved one needs. Just like traditional caregivers, new moms can feel overwhelmed, and stressed.
They don’t sleep as much as they should. They don’t eat as well as they should. They don’t take the time they need to care for themselves.
Just like traditional caregivers, new moms need support. When they don’t take care of themselves, the family suffers. Have you heard the phrase, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” ? It’s a good one!
New moms can benefit from the advice for caregivers in Take Care!—especially because of the ten minute tips in the book.
The positive effects of taking ten minutes to relax, prepare a healthy snack, or get your muscles moving fan out to the whole family.
I’ve gotten some notes from readers who are pre-ordering Take Care! for a new mom in their life.
It makes me very happy to think that the book will be used as part of beautiful caregiving beginnings.