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In the latest Christianity Today magazine there is a discussion about the fate of frozen embryos left over in fertility clinics. There are more than a half million embryos stored in the freezers of fertility clinics?  That’s roughly the number …Read More

While on sabbatical I’m catching up on my “to read” stack of books.  I’m really enjoying Cornel West’s memoir entitled, “Brother West:  Living and Loving Out Loud.” Here are a couple of quotes from this Harvard professor, public intellectual and …Read More

When I was a kid I remember a television commercial for a magazine (I think it was Psychology Today or something like that) that posed a number of questions to try and get you to subscribe to their magazine.   …Read More

Today, President Obama addressed comprehensive immigration reform. He even invited a number of prominent evangelicals to attend. Have you heard of Colorado Christian Leaders for Immigration Reform?   It’s a collation of Christ-followers who have thought long and hard about …Read More