In the latest Christianity Today magazine there is a discussion about the fate of frozen embryos left over in fertility clinics.

There are more than a half million embryos stored in the freezers of fertility clinics?  That’s roughly the number of people who live in the city of Atlanta!
There are four basic options as to their fate:  Donate to another couple.  Donate for research.  Destruction.  Keep frozen
Ron Stoddart, Director of Nightlight Christians Adoptions, believes (and so do I) that they all deserve birth!  The pursuit of life, liberty an happiness should apply to all people, no matter what stage of development.  Over 3000 babies have been born and adopted after languishing in freezers.

Philosophy professor, David Cook, suggests that we should take responsibility for the dilemma we have created.  Germany has banned the destruction of frozen babies, perhaps we should also legally ban their demise as well.
For me, I’m upset that people create children without considering their futures. Why do those in search of having a baby fail to contemplate the fate of all of the babies they bring into this world?  Unfortunately, even though science has settled the question as to when life begins many Christians have yet to think through this critical issue.
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