We're moving…virtually that is.

The transition of this blog to Beliefnet.com will take place this coming Tuesday.  This opportunity to compose a jazz-shaped faith with a wider context feels like an open door from God and I'm excited about it.  Thanks in advance for making the switch with me and your willingness to put up with the advertisements that are a part of the Beliefnet.com environment. You'll see though, they're really not that bad.

If you normally come to this blog through my website jazztheologian.com then you won't need to do a thing…just keep clicking through as usual.

If you come directly to this blog then you are going to want to update your URL to the new address: http://blog.beliefnet.com/jazztheologian/

If you read via RSS Feed here's what you need:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/beliefnet/jazztheologian

My interview with Brian McLaren will post at the new site on Tuesday…see ya there!

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