A New Kind of Christianity.jpgWhat’s wrong with the old kind of Christianity?

Recently, I interviewed Brian McLaren about his new book, A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming The Faith.  McLaren is author of over a dozen books and among Time magazine “25 Most influential Evangelicals” (2005).  The interview covers a number of pertinent subjects for faith in the 21st century, for the next week here at Jazz Theologian we’ll consider one item each day. 

Jazz Theologian:  Brian, How does, A New Kind of Christianity, build upon your past works and
what’s wrong with the old kind of Christianity?

McLaren:  Several
people have said that NKoCy summarizes my work to date and extends it into new
territory, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that, although it is less

directly engaged with contemporary crises than Everything Must Change, or with
spiritual formation than Finding Our Way Again. Instead of saying what’s wrong
with the old kind of Christianity, I’d simply say that as the Christian faith
matures over the centuries, we are ready for new challenges, new learnings, and
it would be a shame to fail to keep maturing. So older kinds of Christianity
were appropriate to their times and our maturity, but we need to keep growing,
learning, and maturing.

Join the Groove…do you think we need a new kind of Christianity?

(This interview also appears at UrbanFaith.com)

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