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August 2008 Archives

Is this the promised land or are we still wandering in the desert? Those were the questions that went through my mind as I attended Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium.  I wasn't planning on being there but …Read More

I'm pro-life and without a party.  I'm a one issue voter and I can't find a party with a platform that fully addresses the sacredness of life in all of its complexity.  So I'm pro-life and partyless!  Usually the Democrats …Read More

Barbara and I had barely been married a year when we took a trip down to local Dumb Friends League in search of a dog.  It was heart wrenching seeing the various signs announcing the "expiration date" of each animal. …Read More

Last November Barbara and I sensed the Lord was up to something in our lives.  We currently have six children (5 adopted) but in separate times of prayer God gave us a vision (and desire) for more children.  A sibling …Read More