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Strange Fruit is a tough song to listen to.  In clear and measured words it captures what was happening in our country most powerfully.  Lynching was a form of terrorism that went unpunished in this country for too long.  Of …Read More

At the moment I’m in Tacoma, WA with the wonderful people of Youth For Christ Tacoma/West Puget Sound and Adoption Ministry of YWAM.

My book is due to hit shelves Feb. 2009–Here’s a sneak peek at the cover… (Design by Kurt at Zondervan)

I collect every version of this haunting poem put to music.  Here’s Billie Holiday’s rendition.

Christianity Today recently did a story on L’Abri, the Swiss shelter for spiritual seekers.  (You can read the article here)  The piece stirred up a bit of controversy. Dr. Greg Laughery is the current director (his blog) and I recently …Read More

April is Jazz Appreciation Month.  The Smithsonian National Institution of American History has led this effort and the United States Government has commended April as the month to celebrate Jazz–born in America, enjoyed worldwide. Here are some of the facts …Read More

FYI–this blog is now a dotcom…you can still use the old address or you can use the new one……

As a friend of Pete Gall, I’ve always believed that he was born to write.  I’m glad his first book is on the shelves so you can see what I’ve known for years. It’ called My Beautiful Idol and you …Read More

Colorado Community Church:  Most weekends I have the privilege of sharing God’s word with the wonderful congregations at Colorado Community Church. Additionally… 2009 Jan. 12-16–Denver, CO–Denver Seminary D. Min. Seminar:  Pastoral Leadership in the 21st Century.  (Co-leader with Dr. Gordon …Read More