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Scott McKnight had an interesting post on how our view of the gospel effects the diversity of our church communities.  Check it out at Jesus Creed. AND Soulful Rod Garvin, Postmodern Negro, and Steve Kightopia are teaming up to launch …Read More

He was named one of the Top Ten Christians of the 20th Century by Christain History Magazine. What effect has he had on your faith?

Being a jazz theologian is not good for one’s ego.  You may find yourself in Ezekiel 37 and teaching about how God led this prophet to "prophesy" to the very dry bones.  You might even point out how this passage …Read More

In a world of $200 dollar shoes endorsed by millionaire athletes Stephon Marbury is a breath of fresh shoe leather.  The two time NBA All Star will take the court this season in $15 dollar shoes ($14.98 to be exact)!  …Read More

I’m a compartmentalizer.  I know I’m not unique when it comes to this inadequate way of being. It shows up in so many ways.  Why do I hide my weaknesses?  Why do I have to think things through in one …Read More

I have always felt an affinity with and for South Africa.  When I compare their freedom struggle with ours here in America I see many paralells.  There are some indigenous blogs that are worth checking out if you want to …Read More

One of my favorite definitions of what jazz is comes from "Ken Burns’ PBS Documentary "Jazz." If you have not seen this, it is worth saving up your pennies to purchase.  You’ll find a treasure trove of interviews, music, images …Read More

I found, "The Race Myth:  Why We Pretend Race Exists in America," by Joseph L. Graves to be a fascinating read.  In this book, Graves, deconstructs race by looking at its’ history and challenging long held assumptions, such as, blacks …Read More

I’m turning the "comment" function off on both of my blogs…at least for now.  Why?