The Jazz Theologian

Being a jazz theologian is not good for one’s ego.  You may find yourself in Ezekiel 37 and teaching about how God led this prophet to "prophesy" to the very dry bones.  You might even point out how this passage is a great case study on faith and that we should speak when spoken to by God.  Wait for a word from God and then act accordingly.


However, if you are a jazz theologian, there will come a moment when you realize that the meaning of a text is not just in what is being said but also in what is being done.

"Prophesy"–to speak, to sing, to speak and sing at the same time.

Then it will hit you.  You are standing before some dry bones that the Lord desires to bring to life and you can either tell them what the passage means or you do what the passage is doing and "prophesy!"

But what if you can’t sing?

You will see bones connect to bones…you will hear sobbing as life returns…you will leave feeling exposed and embarrassed.

So I’ve heard…

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