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"chiron goes direct" Asteroid Chiron. The Wounded Healer. Teacher. He could heal others but not himself. Shaman. Medicine Man. Green Witch. Chiron went direct on Sunday and I couldn’t help but think: okay NOW we can get better. Chiron found his medicine again. There was a limit to the healing during the retrograde, but now he can treat you. He can make you well. All this sickness we’ve been feeling, the sickness and gunk of Scorpio Season is done. Chiron in Pisces oof! Chiron in Pisces is limitless compassion and healing. So think about that! Imagine that! Your recovery.

I’ll tell you another astro-nugget. Some folks, in their birth charts, have a stationing planet. This means it’s about to direct or about to go retrograde. These planets (or important asteroid, like Chiron)… take over. Such a planet may be MORE important to your soul growth than your Sun or Moon or the Nodes or anything else! I’ve got Chiron stationing in my natal. In Aries. In the 8th House. Sigh. No escape. We grow into our purpose.

So I decided to pull a card for Chiron going direct and the Nine of Wands is here and oh how I love Legacy of the Divine’s Nine of Wands! The man in supplication. The torch. The crescent moon. In the words of Rachel Pollack: power, courage, the ability to defend yourself…”

I love this night version of the Nine because he’s in prayer. Prayer as defense, protection, healing of wounds. Conversation with the Divine is also medicine. Prayer as tincture.

Take a moment, says the Nine of Wands. Stay still. Wait. Call it meditation if you’re more comfortable (although I think it was Edgar Cayce who said Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening).

Nine of Wands guy isn’t giving up. He has no reason to. He’s strong. He’s strong enough to rest. For the moment.

That’s your Chiron journey. It doesn’t end. But in-between the lessons and the striving are these… gaps, glorious gaps and pauses of solid ground, torch, and crescent moon.

Wishing you good cards xx

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