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Act One:
This morning, over the course of a few hours, I was pulling Tarot cards for myself, for clients, and for the chat rooms I run — and I pulled the TWO OF WANDS three times!
Actually… I think I pulled it more than three times.

One may think:  oh she shuffled poorly.
One may respond:  could be!

But get this: I used THREE DIFFERENT DECKS.
At first I was using the Palladini. A bit later I used Connolly. And then Rider-Waite.
Three Two of Wands.

Play it safe or take a risk is what this card is asking. You have a choice. This Wand. Or that.

I remember when I was learning astrology and my teacher was talking about “signs,” seeing signs, even though he didn’t quite know what they meant at the time. He was certain (he told us) that at this point in his life he KNEW that he was in direct conversation with the Divine.

Act Two:
this morning during a reading drew a few cards for a woman’s boyfriend. The Nine of Wands came up. The Wounded Warrior. He’s tired but he can live to fight another day.

He’s a fighter, I said to her. And then asked, seconds later: was he in the army?

YES, she said.

It was that kind of day. Signs, synchronicity, whatever you want to call it. We are in Scorpio Season and such occurrences will happen more. Stay open. Listen.

Act Three:  (and I’ve already written about this on my Private Blog)
Yesterday I had a Reiki treatment in my home and house clearing/blessing and… I don’t think I’ve experienced this before either… but I would not be surprised if this clearing — of  me, essentially — wiped away some gunk and now I can see, hear, know more clearly.

Of course the day’s astrology didn’t hurt either. We were under a Moon Jupiter trine and a Venus Neptune trine. The firey Moon Jupiter aspect was fast moving but no less potent — for psychic stuff, flashes of insight, prophesy.

Venus Neptune too is intuitive. Accessing the Akashic Records may be as simple as a trip to the library. Your Inner Library.

If you think I’m obsessed with Scorpio and Scorpio Season, you would be right. It’s probably my favorite time of year. Samhain (Halloween) approaches. Also the Day of the Dead.

I created a New Moon in Scorpio altar last week, and I will do one for Halloween as well. I enjoy the process of bringing tribute to my relatives no longer here in body. For me it’s become a way to… transcend. Transcend any pain from when they were here. And to assert:


I am here and I can pay tribute. I can heal. I can release. I can set aside time to light candles and display keepsakes and set intentions to welcome peace and prosperity and love into my home.

My home.

I was alone this weekend. My other half was away at a conference. So the clearing didn’t even start with my Reiki Master/Reiki Friend. It started with me.

Let me give you a quote now, from a book I’m slowing making my way through, by Denise Linn. The quote is in reference to house clearing but as you can see, it has wide application:

Your Intention can be likened to a journey. Your overall Intention is your destination and your specific Intentions can be likened to signposts along the way.

What is your intention? In your relationship, in your home, in your job, in your family, in your life?
How clear are you?
How clear do you want to be.
Do you dare? To see?

Scorpio Season, if you get quiet, if you can get still, if you can stop and marvel at the nighttime sky, the moon and her attendants, if you can pay attention to what you hear, this season can bring you out of obscurity and into profound… not just knowledge, but experience.

The gal whose boyfriend got the Nine of Wands today… she was asking me:  WHAT IS THE MEANING HERE.

YES! I thought to myself. What is the meaning? And oh what a great question. I was cheering her on. Not everyone is a seeker, searcher, seer. But this gal, with her 9th House stellium? You betcha! They do not stop.

Let’s wind down this post now. What do we have here. Let’s lay out our tools on the table, on the field, let’s take another look:  we’ve got…

-the Two of Wands, multiple times
-the smoke of the Palo Santo (from my Reiki guy)
-the Wounded Warrior coming through for his lady

And pulling the Star (the Polestar) from my new beloved Wildwood Tarot deck for a young woman from the Eclipse class…

“Certain Navigation” is a key phrase for that card. That’s the image I want to leave you with. What does it mean to you? To have CERTAIN navigation, hmm?

Oh. Did you want me to put it all together? I don’t think I can…. yet.
But the tools, the clues, the signs, they are not in hiding anymore, not in Scorpio Season, when the veil is… so thin as to be nonexistent.

If you want to talk to your dead, then please talk to them. 
If you want to wish upon a star, then please wish. You have certain navigation. 
If you desire a new red hot lover, then please find the correct herbal bath recipe and accompanying ritual… 🙂

I’ll end this post with another line from Ms. Linn:

If your overall intention is to create a safe and magical haven… so it will be. 

Wishing you good cards xx


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