"high priestess tarot card meaning" Sometimes I feel like I will burst apart from feeling. Burst apart like a star. Contrast this feeling with the High Priestess, one of our Tarot women. She’s not operatic. She’s interior. She’s a long dark hallway leading to a secret room behind a bookshelf at the end of a street paved in iridescent stones. Mystery. Secrets. Guidance. Intuition. Quiet illumination. When you see the High Priestess, she may, in essence, be telling you to shut up 🙂 Shut up and listen.

In the version of the card I’m looking at, the High Priestess is sitting in what could be an ordinary chair. Nothing too ornate here, especially compared to other High Priestesses. There is a gate behind her and behind the gate are palm trees (is she the Miami Florida High Priestess?) a night sky, the moon. We see a large golden crescent moon at her mary-janed feet. Her dress is blue like the sea and there’s rippling water (a pond?) at the edge of that crescent moon. She’s lost in thought, not addressing us, not looking, a scroll of paper in her hand. What else is beyond that gate? When you see the High Priestess, you may need to open it.

When you see the High Priestess, you may need to *leave* it open. 

In the Tarot, the Fool is zero. The Magician is one. The High Priestess is two. The cards have an order. What does the number two symbolize? Depends on who you ask.

My interpretation: we are not alone. We have company for the journey. And that company is our intuition. It’s not just us and our tools and skills, as in the Magician card. It’s our wealth, inner voice, which is the voice of the Divine.

"high priestess tarot cardAlso, God created the sky on the second day of creation (according to the Tanakh). By day two, we are already in time. Time has been invented. There is day and night. But Day Two brings structure that can be seen. Sky (or heaven, depending on the translation) from sea. Shamayim.

When you see the High Priestess in a reading, you see the invisible. You are in an ocean phase, a sea phase, a sea passage, a blue period, a magic moment, a moon chamber, a dream. You have a crystal ball and you know how to use it. It is frequently night and the humid sea air quenches your thirst.

When I do Tarot readings for people and I see this card? I know it’s okay to sit still. I know that what’s hidden may or may not be revealed. I know that I/we don’t know it all. And I also know that we can search and seek and swim and find. Oh yes, we can find.

Dear Readers, what do you see?

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