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Deepak Chopra talks with leading neuroscientist Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D. about developments in genetic research.  Tanzi on Genes Part 1 Follow Deepak on Twitter  

  One of the things that women often say they want from men is a spiritual relationship. In an age where “empowerment” is the watch word, you hardly ever hear a word that is at least as important: fulfillment. A …Read More

          Brought to you by Deepak Chopra, M.D., Alexander Tsiaras, and The benefits of organic farming are undeniable. Crops grown without chemical pesticides do not contaminate the earth with toxic substances. Organic farmers use crop …Read More

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As a sign, perhaps, that society does move forward, nobody uses the phrase “the war between the sexes” anymore. Instead, we are flooded with scientific data about why men and women think and behave differently. Much credibility is given to …Read More

Brought to you by Deepak Chopra, MD, Alexander Tsiaras, and One of the most important things parents can do for children’s future is to help them maintain a healthy weight. The current statistics tell us we have some work …Read More

Join bestselling author and spiritual guide Deepak Chopra in this unique 7 part video course The Soul of Leadership! It’s Free! Learn how to be a better leader Join others in video chat workshop Participate in Q&A with Deepak Chopra …Read More

By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond The More Energy You Devote to Something, The More You Have Here are a few steps that can cause the channels of energy to expand: Learn to give. When you feel most like …Read More

By Deepak Chopra, Special to CNN For most people, science deserves its reputation for being opposed to religion. I’m not thinking of the rather noisy campaign by a handful of die-hard atheists to demote and ridicule faith. Continue Reading: CNN: …Read More

However you define it, the truth implies a connection to reality that can be tested. It’s true that helium is lighter than air and that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Science depends on being able to revisit those facts …Read More