The coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal that the whole world has had to adjust to. With a majority of countries under stay at home orders, many people have used the time at home to adapt new and better habits.

A recent survey carried out by LG Electronics revealed that 2,000 British adults felt like they have seen themselves change for the better during their time in quarantine.

Some of these changes included developing new hobbies, skill sets, maintaining physical activity, and getting creative.  Two in five adults felt like their new habits contributed greatly to their overall well-being. It has taught them to relax, slow down, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

“The fact that many people are forming productive and healthy new habits is testament to the nation’s ability to adjust,” Hanju Kim, an IT product director at LG UK said in statement.

Technology has contributed greatly to this flexibility because it does a great job at keeping people connected. People have heavily relied on technology during quarantine, and people are becoming more aware of the added benefits providing activities online can have. Online classes and video calls have remained at the forefront of quarantine communication for providing virtual commonplaces for meeting, birthday parties, and game nights. The survey also found that people were spending an average of three hours a week on video calls.

“The nation is working from home and has an appetite to continue working flexibly even after offices reopen. A big part of this can be attributed to technology keeping us connected,” Hanju Kim continued.

When asked about the ideal workspace after stay at home orders are lifted, a majority of the survey’s participants said they would prefer to continue working from home.

People are finding the silver lining in the coronavirus lock down and will continue to embrace it as the pandemic continues to play out. The recent changes to normal day-to-day and life has allowed people to grow as individuals as well as grow their appreciation for the things and people that matter most.


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