As we continue to navigate through the uncertainties of a pandemic, a new app was recently launched to help anyone searching for hope during this trying time or through any other difficult times in life.

SoulRISE is a spiritual based app that has everything you never knew you needed for inspiration, self-discovery, self-care, healing, and spiritual growth. Get rid of all the different self-help apps you have in your phone and find everything you need to restore your faith within this one app.

SoulRISE is your guide to a spiritually fulfilling and soul rejuvenating life. The app is packed with prayers that will restore your heart through healing, personal reflection, inspiring messages, and videos to keep you grounded in your faith. Users will also have access to guided meditations and devotions.

Join an uplifting community where you can be a part of something much larger than yourself that can change the way you view the world and the people in it. The SoulRISE app offers a safe and elevating place for users to actively engage with others through message boards and groups. Use the app to reach out to others who are in need, or when you need to ask for prayer or comfort. SoulRISE will help you recognize your own inner peace and help you in  maintaining it through a spiritual lens.

Users will have access to invigorating articles centered around topics like personal growth, mental and emotional health, spirituality, self-care, and relaxation. These articles will provide shareable information, techniques, and vision that will help revitalize your spiritual being. You will also receive daily inspiration through quotes from your favorite celebrity or historical figures to keep you motivated throughout your day.

SoulRISE offers a customizable experience that allows you to take control of your spiritual journey. Discover a higher power and revitalize the way you stay spiritually connected by downloading SoulRISE today.

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