Inspiration Report

We have angels that live among us that do acts of kindness for our communities, and one of those angels is real estate agent Andrew Levy.

Over 400 Palm Beach County students in need were able to have their lunch debt paid off this week through his generous donation, which all started after he saw a mother pleeing for help on social media.

Angie Vyas-Knight, who helps manage the ‘Jupiter Mamas’ Facebook group, made a post asking for people to donate to help cover the nearly $1,000 owed in lunch death for students in the florida town.

“Beacon Cove Elementary was up to $90, Independence Middle was over $100,” she said, reading over the totals. “I very much believe in the power of helping other people. It matters to me to help make other people’s lives better.”

Soon, it reached Levy’s screen. He then said it was a no-brainer.

“I really believe it’s simple acts, simple gestures,” he said. “The thought of a fairly small sum being able to rectify that situation and clear the debt of all these families so the children could eat warm meals is really what got me.”

Instead of waiting for others, he went ahead and paid in full. He did this in hopes that others would soon follow suit.

“A lot of people said they’d like to help and I thought, you know what — it’s going to be too difficult to gather these people together. I’m going to clear the first debt.”

When Vyas-Knight found out about the donation this week, she was moved.

“I think it’s amazing that with all of the trouble and bad things you hear about on a daily basis, that you can still look in your local community and find someone who is willing to give back and to enrich the nature of our community.”

It’s already helping out students in the area.

“One of her students was so excited in class because she got to tell her teacher that she finally got a hot meal this year,” she said.