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After the Category 5 hurricane crashed through the Bahamas, the country was left in ruins.

Hurricane Dorian wrecked the string of islands this week leaving many without homes, food, power, and water. Hospitals and harbors were completely whipped out with 20 people being confirmed dead.

An image that was very simple but incredibly effective, only saying “Pray For Bahamas”, quickly went viral on the social media platform Instagram. This helped the Instagram algorithm to pump up posts related to the hurricane.

Smile Trust Inc., a grassroots group that helps in relief efforts, knew they had to give aid, so they posted an image with a list of items that the islands citizens needed; such as tents, water, hand sanitizer and non-perishable food. After posting, the group was flooded with donations. So much so, that the organization’s website crashed on Tuesday.

Superstars like rapper DJ Khaled and actress Amanda Seales were just a few of the celebrities that shared the now-viral image with their millions of followers.

In just two days, Smile Trust told TMZ they were able to raise $34,000 and counting, with over 2,000 of each item on the donation list also being sent. They now have over 50 pallets worth of supplies ready to be shipped.

The storm is now making its way up the eastern coast of the United States, where life-threatening storm surge, torrential rains and high winds are expected. Though it has dropped down to Category 3 storm, it still is expected to do a lot of damage. Part of downtown Charleston in South Carolina are already flooded.

To help donate, visits Smile Trust.

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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. #smiletrust #bahamas

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