Inspiration Report

woman hands raised in praiseI believe in the possibility of a life without sin or suffering. I believe a better world is available to us – Heaven, where all of us can live in harmony. This is possible if we make God the most important part of our lives.

Putting and keeping God first is the most important and rewarding thing I have ever done. The second most important thing is trying to keep my spiritual compass pointed to the teachings of the Ten Commandments. That is followed by sharing my spiritual experiences with others with the hope they will help them find their way to God’s grace.

Here are 5 reasons why putting God first can change your life.

God can’t be taken away from you.

There’s no guarantee that we get or keep anything in our lives. Family, friends, good health, or wealth can disappear in an instant. No matter what your station or situation is in life, in good or bad times, God can’t be taken from you. God and God’s love are a constant if you choose to put God first in your life.

God sets your moral compass.

I believe we are all born with a moral compass that instinctively lets us know what is right and wrong. This is a gift from God and the compass is reset for us when we get misdirected or lost. If we put God first in our lives, it will help our compass point to true north so we don’t lose our bearings.

God gives you unconditional love.

All of us have sinned. We have all had dark days, and sometimes we can be difficult to live with. Despite our shortcomings, God is always happy to hear from us when we pray. If we have faith and put God first in our lives, then we will experience God’s unconditional love.

God can give you grace.

God can surprise us with undeserved gifts and love. This can take the form of a miracle, good fortune, or something we think of as just “luck.” Let go and let God handle your concerns and fears. If we put God first in our lives, then we open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of God’s grace.

God has no beginning or end.

It’s nice to know that God is forever, without beginning or end like the universe. God’s love and presence in our lives also has no beginning or end. If we have faith in God, trust God, and put God first, we will never be alone.


Guest post by Mike Mountz. Mike is the author of Why Me? One Man’s Journey Experiencing God’s Undeserved Gifts and Love. In his book he recounts 13 experiences where he believes he was in the presence of God. Mike owned and operated Cloister Car Wash in Pennsylvania for 28 years, a multi-location company that employed more than 400 people. An Army veteran, Mike founded Grace for Vets, an organization that provides free car washes to veterans on Veterans Day. Throughout Mike’s life, he has battled the dual challenges of dyslexia and bipolar disorder. Mike divides his time between his farm in New Zealand and his home in Lancaster County, PA. He and his wife, Rhoda, have three children and 12 grandchildren.