Inspiration Report

Michael Pruitt was holding a ladder on his job site when he accidentally touched a live wire, causing him to be electrocuted. He had no pulse for 20 minutes.

“He had no vital signs,” Dr. Angela Chudler said, an emergency medicine physician at Beaumont Hospital. “So we had this young boy who’s dead coming in.”

Despite having little hope for the young adult, the doctors and nurses worked hard to try and bring Pruitt back to life.

“He’s got a little bit of fibrillation to his heart so now you’re just thinking, ‘I gotta bring this guy back,'” Chudler said. “We got our defibrillator on and turned it up and shocked him, and continued CPR for a few seconds and then kind of felt for a pulse. Then I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I think we’ve got a pulse.'”

The 20-year-old from Michigan survived, and is now sharing his miracle with others.

“I think I woke up that day because I just feel like it really wasn’t my time to go because I’m destined to do greater things and help people,” Pruitt told TODAY.

When Pruitt woke up, he remembers trying to rip off all the tubes on him.

“It took like six or seven people to hold me down,” he said. “I was just still going at it. And the doctors were saying how happy they were because (if) he’s putting up this much of a fight, he’s got to be still there.”

Chudler said she’s rarely ever seen someone without a pulse for that long end up surviving without any brain damage. Pruitt has now been dubbed “miracle man” by those close to his story.

“I definitely would call it a miracle,” she continued.

“Every week, there’s probably a couple people we do bring back, but to go from completely dead, no heartbeat, to fully functioning, is very rare,” Chudler said. “I mean, it’s really, really rare.”

Thankfully, Pruitt was working on the home of nurse Katelyn Vines when he was shocked.

“Luckily he went down at a nurse’s home because the CPR…right away his heart was pumped, circulation was going through his body, through his brain, and without that you have no oxygen to your tissues, and he would’ve never been who he is today,” Chudler said.