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A father of two is now recovering at home thanks to the help of a guardian angel.

Jim Abed, who was in desperate need of a new kidney, had been on the transplant list for about two years. He was undergoing dialysis multiple times a week and his window for a transplant was quickly closing according to a Fox News report.

As they began running out of options and were up against the clock, Abed’s cousin, Maysa Munsey Slominski, turned to Facebook. There she posted a plea for a kidney from a donor with blood type O.

The post caught the attention of Crysti Shirley, Slominski’s former co-worker, who felt called to answer the request.

“When I say ‘caught my eye,’ I mean gave me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach,” Shirley wrote. “It was the story of someone’s loved one who needed an O kidney.”

In that very moment, she knew with 100 percent certainty that God was calling her to be this man’s donor, Shirley said.

Shirley immediately contacted Slominski who helped her begin the process to determine is she would be a true match for Abed. After running a number of tests and blood work, Shirley discovered she was a perfect match.

While she had never met Abed, Shirley felt “her faith was telling her to do this.”

The two underwent surgery together at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. On the morning of their surgeries, Shirley recalls there being an “overwhelming sense of peace.”

Abed’s family said her selfless gift was a blessing to them, but Shirley says she is “the one who received the blessing.”

She added, “God called me to do this. There is no thanks that’s needed.”

Shirley’s actions inspired people in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Regina Adams, one of her friends wrote in a comment on Facebook, there are “never enough words I can say to describe what a godly, grateful and giving woman you are.”

“You always have the needs of everyone else under your radar and always looking for a way to pay it forward,” Adams said “You have been a true inspiration to me and helped lead me to walk of faith.”

How incredible is this?

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