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raise-3338589_640 (1)Modern culture is full of contradictory messages, especially for women. Women are told to love fiercely, but they are also informed that it is unhealthy to care about someone more than they care about themselves. Women are told to embrace their emotions, but tears and giggles are looked down upon in equal measure. Women are told to make time for those people who are important to them, but they are also cautioned against always being willing to do what someone else wants to do. The complete madness that is women’s fashion and body image is even more confusion. Dressing to impress simultaneously means that a woman has taken control of her image and sexuality and that she is a slave to “a culture centered on men’s gazes.” She is told that she should be fit and healthy, but she is shamed for admitting she wants to lose a few pounds. Social media legions announce that women should love their bodies no matter how they look and then social media sites immediately post an image of a thin woman with the snarky caption of “get her a freaking sandwich.”

In this utter maelstrom of contradictory ideas, it is easy for a woman to feel that she is at the same time too much and not enough. She loves too fiercely, but she is also too cold. She cares too much about her looks, but she also needs to work harder on her appearance. She is too focused on finding a relationship, but she is too distant to be able to find love. It is enough to drive a woman around the bend or have her ready to run screaming into the night. Christian women are not exempt from this insanity, especially as many churches have their own unspoken set of contradictory “rules.”

Women are desperate for answers on how to handle these contrary expectations and how to live a Godly life in the midst of the insanity. Thankfully, Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan have stood where women today stand and are ready and willing to help.

Connolly and Morgan’s new book, “Always Enough, Never Too Much,” is a flip book of 100 devotionals aimed at helping women deal with opposing expectations by rooting themselves deeply in Christ. With chapters such as “Even When You’re Sick,” “Even When You Rock the Boat,” “Even When You’re Ambitious” and “Even When You’re Goofy,” “Always Enough, Never Too Much” helps women develop a Jesus-centric worldview that simultaneously glorifies God and reaffirms that all women matter in Christ’s eyes, regardless of whether they are put together and solemn or a hysterically laughing hot mess. It is a must read for any woman who has ever felt that they both needed to be more and needed to scale back their personality or dreams. Aimed to help women who “struggle with constant comparison, hide because they are afraid, yet want to live a fulfilled life,” “Always Enough, Never Too Much” will help each woman to “take control of [her] life and emotions.”

For more information on the authors, visit Connolly at her blog and read about Morgan at her website. “Always Enough, Never Too Much” is available now on Amazon.

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