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The following is a guest post by Juana Lopez. Enjoy!

“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.” – Henry Van Dyke

Muse. Love. Beauty. These are words that bring on connotations of inspiration and newness. However, when we get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks that we have to complete, we often do not see the avenues of inspiration that are all around us. It is important to take the time to view everything with fresh eyes. A mindset of newness must constantly be had so that each moment in our lives has the potential to inspire, not only ourselves, but also those around us.

One way to find inspiration is to look beyond what we find seemingly ordinary. An evening walk that is taken multiple times a week can grow dull and routine, but if we only focus on what seems “usual”, we will never see the unusual! Perhaps, there is a neighbor who tends to their lawn at the same time and there is an opportunity to make a new friend. Or maybe you never noticed how musically the birds chirp as the sun sets. I am often amazed at how much time I spend fixated on getting through the day, which only causes me to miss out on life’s little surprises. We have to learn to welcome those surprises with open arms!

Another avenue to find everyday inspiration is through things that make us happy. For example, I quite enjoy swimming and being in water, whether it is at the pool or the beach. It is that quiet moment when the water around me dulls outside noise or when I am standing at the point where the water meets the sand that brings me the most inspiration. From this, I become inspired to write poems and stories. It even inspires me to buy blue paint for my apartment or create sea shell jewelry!

A great practical way to find inspiration is to focus on the positive side of our circumstances instead of griping and complaining. It can be really difficult to do this, but it is worth it! Each situation in life then gains a silver lining making it easier to be inspired by any situation that we may be in. It allows us to find joy and delight in everyday events.

Many times, even the most difficult situations in our lives can bring inspiration to us. Quiet moments and chaotic moments bring inspiration to those who seek it out! Be encouraged that life never has to be monotonous! Look outside of that window; take a step beyond that door! Grab on, hold tight, and be INSPIRED!

Juana Lopez is currently pursuing her Master degree in Journalism at Regent University. She enjoys writing on her new blog The Rushing Calm.

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