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I always make resolutions in the New Year. Every year, I enjoy making new goals for myself and seeing how I can accomplish them. Some of my goals this year are concrete. I’d like to run another marathon. I’d like to finish the first draft of my book. However, there’s one goal that I have that I want to permeate everything I do, say, think and pray for the whole year. It’s my one-word New Year’s resolution:


I want to keep everything simple this year. I know myself and I can be a worrier at times — a maker of mountains out of molehills. I realized late last year that over-thinking even the smallest details was slowing me down and adding unnecessary stress to my life. So I’ve vowed to strip everything down to its most basic parts. Eliminate needless worry (and the vast majority of it is truly needless) and be in the moment as much as possible.

So, what do you want to do this year? I know there’s always lose weight and start a budget. However, what are your more personal, mindful goals? If you could boil it all down, what’s your one-word New Year’s resolution?

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