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I like throwing dinner parties. When I got serious about cooking a few years ago, I was playing chef to anyone who was willing.

The first thing I realized about entertaining is how easy it is to get wrapped up in constant preparation. I want to make sure people’s drinks are full and that the courses keep rolling. I would kick myself if something didn’t turn out right and apologize profusely for things that I’m sure my guests didn’t even notice (seriously, who else is wondering if the nutmeg is too strong in the dessert?). Sometimes I’d be so busy going back and forth to the kitchen that I wouldn’t spend enough time with my friends.

I can’t remember where I read it, but one day I came across this phrase:

“Are you having fun at your own party?”

It’s a good question and it’s about more than just dinner.

This life is a party. It’s you’re party. You’ve invited certain people and some have simply crashed. Some things go as planned and others go awry. However, ultimately, how much fun the party is for you lies in your own hands. You can spend it in a constant panic that something will go wrong and that you have to fix everything. Or, you can do your best, sit back, relax and enjoy the good times. And as the old song goes, yes, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to, but why would you?

This is your one shot. Don’t spend it being miserable or too busy to notice all that’s good around you.


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