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In the right column, you can see the blog posts that got the most comments, and they are some of my favorites as well. However, here are the blog posts that you loved the most. They got the most views and were shared by the most people.

Five Things You Must Do Every Day
This was a surprise one for me. I still get comments on this one although it ran last May. It’s a great thing to think about. If you can concentrate on just doing five things a day that make you happy, then that adds up to a wonderful life.

Talking Babies
Oh baby! When these twins hit the Internet, they were an instant viral sensation. It was just too delightful watching these twin toddlers have a fully nonsensical conversation. Your ideas about what they were talking about were equally as priceless.

Laughing Babies
Another viral hit. This video really showed that it’s the simplicity of life that brings the most joy… like tearing paper for a baby.

The Royal Wedding Dance
Oh man, do you remember the buzz about the royal wedding? It was all we could talk about in the spring. This spoof video was just a fun warm-up for the big day. Gets me dancing all over again.

A Friend in Need: Dog Cries with Baby
Everybody needs a friend and this baby and her dog found each other.

Count Your Blessings
What I love most about this blog was that suddenly the comment thread went crazy with people sharing all the good things in their life. What gratitude!

How to Heal a Broken Heart
I wrote a lot about broken hearts and loss this year in response to you, the readers. This was the one you loved the most.

The Spiritual Side of Cleaning Your Room
Who knew a blog about cleaning up after yourself would take off? This was one of the many blogs that was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. Turns out getting rid of clutter makes way for joy.

What the Resurrection Means for You… Even If You Don’t Believe
My Easter blog. Some religious holidays are a hard-sell for people hardened against faith of any kind. I know this blog was shared a lot and I’m glad. Easter is for all of us.

When The Door Closes, Look for the Window
It’s quite fitting that this blog rounds out the top ten, because it actually became the chief lesson I learned this year. “When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”

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