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Yesterday’s blog featured the “Queen of Self Love” Christine Arylo, and she did a great video on how to stop sabotaging your love life. I was particularly moved by one of her tips. It’s so easy, yet it’s something you have to consciously learn how to do: take a compliment.

Picture this with me: You walk into your workplace. A co-worker says, “You look really nice today.” What’s your initial reaction:

a). You say, “Oh, no I don’t. My hair is a mess.”

b). You look away sheepishly and quickly get to work.

c). You immediately assume they want something.

d). You manage to turn it into an insult and retort sarcastically, “Wow. Don’t look so shocked. What do I look like normally?”

If any of these sounds like you, know that they’re all the wrong reaction (okay, “c” might be true depending on the person, but let’s give them the benefit of a doubt). They’re all defense mechanisms – knee-jerk reactions to the presence of someone else’s kindness.

It’s okay to receive a compliment. It doesn’t make you prideful. If anything, the ability to take a compliment with a grateful heart is an act of humility.

“Remember compliments you receive; forget the insults. (If you succeed in doing this, tell me how)” – Mary Schmich

Confession time: I can be bad about taking compliments too lightly. I’ll hear it and thank the person, but not really let it sink in. Yet, somehow, if someone insults me, I could ruminate on it all day.

When I saw Christine’s video, I decided to flip it. Now, I dwell on the good things people say about me and take the bad worth a grain of salt. And you know what’s interesting? As soon as I started doing that, I realized instantly how much love comes my way and it’s a steady stream.

So, the next time someone compliments you, smile, say thank you and breathe in the positive energy. Also, believe it’s true. After all, you do look nice today!

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