I want to piggyback off of my thoughts on outing your envy from yesterday’s blog, because I realized that envy is not the only emotional master of disguise.

Have you noticed we do that a lot? Act one way when we feel another? For example, we were often told that bullies were simply kids who needed love. I remember even as a kid wondering, “Then, why are they so mean?” It just didn’t compute for me that someone wanting compassion would demonstrate cruelty and settle for being feared rather than loved. Now that I’m older, I get it, because everybody does it.

Loneliness masks itself as independence. Hurt and pain put up a shield of anger. A deep desire to be cherished parades itself as promiscuity. It goes on and on.

I just wonder what life would be like if we acted how we really felt. What if someone said, “Tell me how you really feel,” and you did? How good would it feel to get all of that off your chest?

If you’ve been wearing masks and pretending to be something you’re not, I hope you can find time today to be honest with yourself. Find a counselor or trusted friend and tell them how you really feel. When you come out of the darkness, you have a better chance of finding what you need in the light.

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