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I’m still ruminating over Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. I think it’s in my top 10 books that have changed the way I think and behave.

In the book, the author takes a year to pursue happiness in the daily routine of her life as a wife, mother and writer in New York City. She realizes that happiness is just as much how you feel as what you do.

One point she stresses is doing some things everyday. She says on her blog: “The things you do every day take on a certain beauty, and provide a kind of invisible architecture to daily life.”

Being a generally happy person has a lot to do with what you do all day. So lately, I’ve been examining the things that make me happy and realizing which ones are task-oriented and need to be done every day. Also, I write them down. Because I know if I don’t, they’ll get lost in the shuffle of life’s maintenance.

The 5 things I must do every day are:

1. Write my novel (doesn’t matter how many pages… just write something)
2. Play my guitar and sing
3. Talk with God
4. Sit in silent
5. Exercise (be that walking, yoga or running)

After I do these, I always feel refreshed and accomplished. Every good ordinary day I’ve ever had contains all five of these things. Plus, they are all small steps towards larger goals (i.e., finishing my novel and growing spiritually). I figured what a great way to make every day a good day and get things done at the same time.

So, what’s your “5 Things You Must Do Every Day” to maintain your happiness? Everyone’s is different. Write them down here and make time for them in your daily routine.

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