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Here are some people out to spread the love. In London, England, there’s a group called Action for Happiness that has made it their members’ sole mission to make other people just a little bit happier. They give out free hugs on the streets and perform other random acts of kindness — all in the name of positive social change.

“Despite the fact that we are getting richer, after 60 years we still haven’t managed to produce a happier society,” said Professor Richard Layard, head of the wellbeing programme at the London School of Economics. “We are asking people for an individual commitment to aim to produce more happiness and less misery. “The time is right. There is a worldwide hunger for something better, and we believe we can harness it.”

Read the full story on The Guardian: Action for Happiness movement launches with free hugs and love

Have you heard of other groups doing something similar? Are you someone who loves to give to others? Let me know! I want to highlight people who are brightening up their community… even if it’s just one hug at a time.

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