Guest Blog by Sandra Lee Schubert 


Radio personality Sandra Lee Schubert drafted these for a Beliefnet project a while back. Wanted to share these great, life affirming statements about prosperity, love and self-appreciation.


  1. Money is energy. You have enough to fulfill all your needs.


  1. The economy is not a reflection of your self worth. You prosper every day and in every way.


  1. Whatever you set out to do,you achieve it with great love.


  1. Today is full of possibility. Open your eyes to the wonder all around you.


  1. This day is full of possibility. Claim what is good for your life.


  1. Abundance is yours. Reach out and embrace what is rightfully yours.


  1. Feel the richness in your life. You are abundant.


  1. Good health is your birthright. You care for your body with great love..


  1. Give yourself permission to laugh every day. Humor comes easily to you.


  1. Today you happily share your talents and are rewarded with great riches.


  1. You attract perfect customers to your business. You happily accept work that satisfies and enriches you.


  1. Each day and in every way you grow into the wonderful person you are meant to become.


  1. You body is a temple. You vibrant with good health.


  1. The mirror is a reflection of both your inner and outer beauty. Look at yourself every day and acknowledge your magnificence.


  1.  The world is your oyster. Each day holds a pearl for you to discover.


  1. Life is a treasure chest full of possibility.


  1. Your beloved is waiting for you. Open your heart and arms to receive great love.


  1. You are great parent and each day you grow in pride and joy.


  1. You are a creative person. Your art enriches and beautifies the world bringing happiness to the world.


  1. You remain, in all circumstances, a happy and contented person


Sandra Lee Schubert’s radio show, Wild Woman Network: Radio for Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers and Innovators, introduces and engages with guests who are providing a unique service either through their books, businesses or lifestyles. 
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Her ecourse, Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own, offers a venue for telling your story through the written word.


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