The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader actors Georgie Henley and Will Poulter talk with Beliefnet’s Laurie Sue Brockway about self-esteem, courage and their roles as Lucy and Eustace.

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The call came on a perfectly ordinary evening in March. Dinner was on the stove. My younger son was doing his homework at the kitchen counter. I was about to set the table. Then, I picked up the phone and my doctor said, “I’m sorry, it’s breast cancer.” Five words cleaved my world, my life, […]

The truth is that another mom’s abilities have nothing to do with your value as a mom. The mom that you are idealizing may not have the same struggles as you, but she does struggle. I bet she also has a mom that she admires and wishes she could be more like. No matter how […]

One North Dakota farmer received an outpour of support from his community after suffering a heart attack while working on his farm. Lane Unjem, 57, was hard at work when one of his combines that harvests crops caught on fire. While racing to put the fire out, Unjem suffered from a heart attack and was […]

If the women’s rights movement had a theme song, surely it would be the vocals of Helen Reddy. Helen Reddy was an Australian-American singer, actress, and activist who will always be remembered for being a champion for women’s rights. Her hit song “I am Woman” over time would become the anthem for women’s rights globally, […]