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Sylvia Browne and her lovely new hubby were in town a while back to promote her newest book, Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds.

Sylvia Browne 002.jpgI was a little surprised to find that he was pushing her in a wheel chair, but she explained an old injury (caused by an ex-husband) made it difficult to stand or walk too much so she rode when possible.

Although wildly successful, she has had her challenges on the home front. She shares many of the details of relationships gone wrong in her book but also surfaces as a true survivor. 

As Publishers Weekly put it, “Even non-believers may find her life surprisingly traditional; after ending an abusive first marriage, she grounded herself in family, the study of theology and psychology, teaching, and raising her two sons. Her zest and passion for life in this world and beyond is evident on every page and photos of Browne with her family and friends like actress Shirley MacLaine accentuate her rich, unusual journey.”

Sylvia also has a daughter, who was with her on her New York visit. When she posed for a photo with me she gave me a great health tip: “You have to watch your blood sugar.” She was right.

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