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Okay, no one has told me this officially, but there is a lot of talk that Her Majesty, the Queen England, will be in attendance with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

HM-the-Queen-image_4.jpgThis will be a big premiere, in two theaters. It is said that when the Queen comes to a premiere, all the celebrities come out as well — and all for a good cause.

Discovered today that the motivation behind a “Royal Premiere” is to bring attention and raise funds for the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund which is dedicated to helping people in the entertainment industry who may fall on hard times, encounter job loss, face illness or bereavement.

The website says, “From writers to chippies, best boy to continuity, promo producers to PRs, schedulers to ushers, if you work in UK film, cinema and TV, we are your charity.”

So I am going to try to find out what a “chippie” is in the UK entertainment industry because for some reason, I don’t think it is supposed to be mentioned in the same breath as the Queen.

The lovely image of Her Majesty The Queen comes from her website, which is a pretty interesting read.

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