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Seven hours in the air and little sleep, but I am in London. Yay!

IMG_2192.JPGFirst thing I did when I got here was unpack my black tie attire in hopes of de-creasing it in time for the Narnia Premiere.

We flew in to a bit of a snow storm and of course, I forgot to pack my long coat, but many media people will be braving the red carpet tonight for a longer, colder time than I will.

Turns out that for a 7 pm screening, media have to get there 3 pm to stake positions on the Red Carpet. By 4:30pm they must be in place because the red carpet will be in lock down–the sniffer dogs will come and sniff equipment and bags, and high tech security will be set into play. This is because the Queen WILL BE THERE. The stars will begin arriving 5:30.

We are not sure the Queen will enter. Doubt she walks the red carpet, especially since tonight it will be white… or at least a bit wet.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for IMG_2197.JPGMedia folks from around the world are here. I met some new media friends at the airport and we went to together to the Narnia Press Hospitality Suite thise morning to pick up our press kits, Royal Premiere tickets and interview schedules at the hospitality suite. And yes, a goody bag. It has a really cool journal in it.

We had a little lunch and conversation in the Hospitality Suite. They had cute little snadwiches with the crusts cut off–so very English! Also sweets.

Camera crews were setting up for multiple interviews in various rooms. It is very exciting.

Thumbnail image for IMG_2182.JPGWill have more than photos of food to share soon!


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