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With all the stress and uncertainty in people’s lives, what a breath of fresh air it is to receive a holiday card that envisions a world of peace and tolerance. This is something we all need, now more than ever.


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, is dedicated to offering interfaith and multicultural
holiday cards that send an inclusive universal message. Each card design connects people by acknowledging both Christmas and Hanukkah and bringing people together of all faiths, backgrounds and culture to embrace the Oneness of our world. “Our cards reflect the magic of the holiday season and inspires people to imagine a better world,” said Elise Okrend, owner of MixedBlessing.


MixedBlessing has been creating cards that touch people’s hearts for eighteen years. The company was the first to offer a full line of holiday cards acknowledging more than one religion and suitable for Jewish-Christian families. At first, MixedBlessing endured criticism from religious leaders and skepticism from others, accusing them of promoting intermarriage and the blending of religion. The success of the company has come with the strength of their mission to move people toward peace, tolerance and diversity.


The company offers a line of over 50 interfaith, multicultural, peace and diversity holiday cards. A new design for this year, offers a chic duet of festive martini glasses, one with a bobbling dreidel and Star of David stirrer, the other with candy cane mixers. The original design, created by Elise Okrend, combined a Star of David on one side with a Christmas tree on the other. A favorite multicultural design depicts decorated houses representing different nationalities surrounding a peace globe.


What I love about this company is that it continues to grow with the national trend towards intermarriage, spirituality and global diversity. Elise Okrend says, “Customers love MixedBlessing cards because they reflect who they are and how they want the world to be.”


MixedBlessing greeting cards and other items such as mugs, multicultural cards, music, interfaith stockings and books are available online at Greeting cards are also available at, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Barnes & Noble.

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