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BlintzesForBlitzen.jpegWith Hanukkah 2010 just around the corner on December 1 through 9, and Christmas growing nearer, interfaith families and the interfaith at heart will want to get their copies of this adorable book about a Reindeer who likes Jewish food!

Blintzes For Blitzen is
a lighthearted tale of Santa’s curious and hungry reindeer, “Blitzen” who wanders off from Santa and the other reindeer one Christmas Eve and ends up celebrating Hanukkah with Bernie, the deli owner and his family.

Bernie is renowned throughout town for his delicious mouthwatering blintzes. A great read for the whole family. Includes Bernie’s famous Blintzes recipe!

The book was written by Elise Okrend and Phil Okrend, founders of MixedBlessing, the Interfaith and Multicultural Holiday Card company.  Blintzes for Blitzen is available
from It was recently mentioned in

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