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When a beloved pet dies, the grief that often follows can be overwhelming. Father Paul Keenan know that all too well when he lost his beloved Teddy–and many cats before him.


Father Paul Pet Book.jpgSo he wrote a book to help comfort those who grieve from the loss of a beloved pet. It would turn out to be Father Paul’s last book, as he died suddenly in June 2008.


Here is more informatiom on the book:


Why We Love Them So: Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend offers profound guidance on how to understand deep sorrow and eventually use its power to transform our lives.


Father Paul Keenan faced his own grief journey when Teddy, his twenty-five-year-old cat, passed away. Knowing the love he felt for Teddy was irreplaceable, Father Paul turned within and listened to his soul, sharing the valuable lessons he learned as a result. Along with providing a series of short reflections on various aspects of grieving, Father Paul moves those mourning the loss of an animal companion through the seven stages of grief that comprise such profound emotions as:

  • Feeling alone after death
  • Dealing with “Why me?”
  • Learning to receive and offer compassion
  • Realizing an overall purpose
  • Sorting through past life experiences
  • Returning to daily life
  • Committing to a new level of aliveness and reality

Father Paul’s gentle advice and guidance will inspire, uplift, and connect readers with their capacity to live purposeful, meaningful lives after the loss of their much-adored animal companions.


All proceeds from Why We Love Them So go to The Perseus Foundation, a 501(c)(3) founded in 1999 which funds cancer research to benefit our canine and feline friends.

Read about Father Paul’s relationship with Teddy, in his own words.

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