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We’ve all heard the unbelievable horror stories of being fired from jobs for misusing Twitter, but how about finding a job because of Twitter?

After Renee Libby was laid off from her job in Baltimore, she began following PR executives on Twitter and tweeting relevant PR news every hour.  Soon, she had accumulated followers and a public relations firm contacted her for a freelance job.  Through Twitter, she is also now at a different job–full time!

Other people have used the Internet in creative ways to land jobs: Jon Barker was offered a job from Google after inventing a program that allowed emails to be downloaded to any desktop; Alec Brownstein landed a job at a creative agency when he figured out a smart online ad strategy using Google Ads; Simone Brunozzi started working for through an avatar he created on the virtual world Second Life; and Eugene Hsu channeled his design and coding expertise to creating a unique resume that caught the attention of potential employers.

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