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About a year ago, Derrin Austin, a father and former captain of the San Diego Fire Department, decided to serve his country by enrolling in the navy.

He was immediately called for active duty in Afghanistan, which meant he had to leave behind his wife and his 7-year-old son, D’Andre.

Even though Austin kept in touch with his son regularly via phone calls, they hadn’t seen each other for a year.  One day, Austin was shocked when D’Andre asked if he enjoyed being at war more than being at home.  Taking action, Austin requested 18 days of leave so he could head back to Escondido, California to surprise his son with a visit.

Father and son had a heartfelt and touching reunion outside D’Andre’s school, just in time for Father’s Day weekend.  Since D’Andre turns 8 in July, Austin had one of the two birthday gifts his son requested: a compass, to find his father when he was lost.  Austin also gave his son 2 medals, saying, “You’re my hero.”


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