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Beliefnet has an inspiring news story of it’s own to report. We won two Webby awards!
Michael Kress, our Managing Editor and Vice President of Editorial, had the pleasure of accepting Beliefnet’s Webby Awards at a ceremony in Manhattan last night, in the traditional five word speech. Beliefnet won 2 awards in the Religion and Spirituality category – “Webby Award Winner” and “People’s Voice Winner.”
The experience was fun and very inspiring, said Kress. “It was a great reminder of just how new, dynamic, experimental, and constantly changing and advancing this medium is–whether it’s furthering a great cause, posting silly pictures, or of course, helping people enrich their spiritual lives.”
He reported some of the following highlights:
There were celebrities: BJ Novack from The Office hosted; very-pregnant Amy Poehler won an award presented by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman; Also sighted were Isabella Rosselini, Buzz Aldrin, Jimmy Falon and Lisa Kudrow.
There were Muppets: Animal and Floyd, from The Muppets, accepted a Webby on behalf of Jim Henson Studios, which Animal proceeded to eat.
There were many Inspirational Moments: Roger Ebert was given an award for Web Person of the Year. Ebert literally lost his voice–his ability to talk–when he had his jaw removed as part of his battle against cancer. The web gave him a new kind of voice, and he has gone from being one of America’s most important movie critics to an insightful commentator on our culture in general.
There was music: The choir of PS 22 in Staten Island has become an internet sensation with its awesome renditions of popular songs. They performed.
And there was the Acceptance Speech. The Webby’s give recipient five words in which to say thank you or say something fun. See Michael Kress’ brilliant speech.

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